Marco Polo Aged Care Servicess

Marco Polo Experience

With a wide variety of activities on offer, you can plan as much—or as little—as you like. Here’s a sample of how you might spend a day at one of our residential facilities.

07:30 :- A wholesome and healthy breakfast in the main dining room, to get the day off to a flying start.

09:00 :- It's time for a quick trim, off to the hairdresser.

10:00 :- All aboard the facility’s bus. Today we’re taking a lunch bus trip to a brand-new café overlooking the beach. On our way back, we’ll stop in at the mall for some shopping. Can’t wait!

14:00 :- We’re back at Marco Polo and just in time for today’s movie Romancing the Stone. It’s the perfect time to relax after our brief trip.

15:00 :- The weather is lovely and sunny today, so it’s time to step outside for some light exercise and ball games. Every other week I’ll stay inside and enjoy the lively atmosphere of bingo.

15:45 :- The day is far from over, but after a quick snack I’m off to discover my next fun activity.

*Activities may be subject to change.