Marco Polo Aged Care Servicess


Marco Polo Aged Care Services is subsidised by the Australian Government. However, residents are also asked to pay fees as a contribution towards accommodation costs, living expenses and the cost of their care. The Australian Government determines the fees and charges payable, and there are protections in place to ensure that care is affordable for all residents. Concessional residents welcome.

The Marco Polo Resident Liaison Team strives to make the process easier for you by assisting with your enquiries. Please don’t hesitate to call or email us if you need a hand.

We also highly recommend seeking independent financial advice, to ensure your aged care decision is financially sound. You can also  click here  to visit My Aged Care, for a full breakdown of fees and to access a Residential Care Fee Estimator. You can also receive further information and an estimate of fees by calling 1800 200 422.

Home Care Packages

Clients receiving a home care package can be asked to pay a basic fee (a universal fee) and an income tested care fee (an extra contribution dependent on your income).

Residential Care

Residents of aged care facilities are subject to payments including:

  • a basic fee (a universal fee payable by all),
  • a means tested care fee (an extra contribution depending on your income and assets),
  • an accommodation payment, eg:
    • Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD), and/or
    • Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP), or
    • covered by the Australian Government 
      (The specific amount is negotiated between the facility and resident)
  • and fees for additional services (such as hairdressing).

Payment Method

Direct debit is the preferred method of making payments as a permanent resident. Payment can also be made by cheque. Respite care residents can make payments with cash or cheque.


A RAD is lump sum payment for accommodation in an aged care facility. It is only payable by those with sufficient assets. This is the price of a room, in lump sum form, that residents have agreed with their aged care facility to pay. Residents can pay their accommodation price in full by RAD, or by DAP, or via a combination of RAD and DAP.

Worked examples:


To calculate the equivalent daily payment of a Refundable Accommodation Deposits (RAD), the RAD is multiplied by the maximum permissible interest rate (MPIR), currently 4.01% as at 1st April 2021, and divided by 365 days.

For example, a RAD of $400,000 would have an equivalent Daily Accommodation Payments (DAP) of $43.94 per day. 
(RAD x MPIR)/365 = ($400,000 x 4.01%)/365 = $43.94 DAP per day.


An example of a combination payment for a $400,000 price may be a combination of a RAD of $300,000 and a DAP of $10.98 day, with the DAP determined as follows:

(Balance of RAD x MPIR)/365 = [($400,000 - $300,000) x 4.01%]/365 = $10.98 DAP per day. 





 Visit  My Aged Care for further information.