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Bringing The Outside In - Horse Therapy

by Natalie Green | May 7, 2019
Bringing The Outside In - Horse Therapy

Bushman The Therapy Horse is no ordinary horse, hes a special and very beautiful animal who came to spend the day at Marco Polo.

Many of our residents grew up in a time when riding a horse to school was just the normal thing to do, many had horse farms, were trainers and breeders. Coming from the land, spending time with your animals was something you did on a daily basis, so when you can no longer work the land or spend time with the animals you love we try to bring them to you. Pet therapy is a regular if not weekly event at both our sites, there are the regular dogs, staff who bring rabbits or the lady that presented us with coloured chickens and dancing birds. We've had snakes, frogs and a small crocodile but nothing has provided us all with as much joy as Bushman.

Having been with his owner Christy since he was three years old this 19 year old, 16 hands high horse dominated our recreation rooms. Residents were shocked to "see a real horse" inside the building. At Unanderra in the morning he walked the halls, spent time in our Dementia Unit and recieved more pats and hugs than any of the residents have doled out on previous animal visits. Woonona was no different, he managed to enter a few residents room, something he normally doesnt like to do. There were tears all round on many occasions just because the response of our in house guests was so wonderful.

Bushman The Therapy Horse - what can we say, you bought a smile to everyones face, you bought responses from residents that rarely respond and we cant wait to have him visit again.